Daughter of Black Lake – Cathy Marie Buchanan



A small ripple of what felt like hopefulness rose in her chest.

In this book, we follow Devout. She is coming of age in a harsh landscape.

Her world is narrow, and unforgiving. And despite all that, she’s finding her place in this world.

And we also follow Hobble.

Hobble’s timeline is set seventeen years later (she’s the daughter of Devout and…she’s hobbled. She limps as she walks but she’s bound and determined to NOT be the weakest in the village (cause…apparently that can sometimes get you sacrificed to the Gods).

Both my parents look at me. I know the words they do not speak: For my sake – my security – we will pander and stoop…

Despite her disability, Hobble is the swiftest in the village and the only one who can see visions of the future – sometimes as simple as knowing when to catch a falling bird and others that foretell the coming of the Romans and death to many.

In Hobble’s time, there is famine among their people and when a new druid comes to town. A powerful one, who might just spell doom for the entire family.

Hobble will need to keep one step ahead to keep herself and her family safe. Or else.

She life her face to the boundless sky.

This book, it is on the edge of greatness.

I quite liked it – the pacing, the characters and the dark ambiance are all so different from the modern way to tell a story. It sucked me right in.

The way the Pagan ways play out and the druid’s influence was also really interesting.

Devout and Hobble were both such compelling main characters and I found myself unable to put down this book. However, I can definitely see it not being for everyone.

There are uncomfortable moments – not full out triggering but made my modern self squirm.

All in all, this one was darkly devastating and completely engaging.

With thanks to Netgalley, Riverhead Books and the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Cathy Marie Buchanan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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