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Wild Sex: The Science Behind Mating in the Animal Kingdom – Carin Bondar



Generally speaking, it takes two to tango in the animal kingdom.

Birds, bees, trees, fleas – they’re all doing it. All the time.

Just think about that.

All. The. Time.

…the process of sex is so much more than the mere meeting of sperm and egg.

Dr Bondar knows that the animal kingdom is full of wild things – and creative ones too.

It seems people just love to hear about sex…It’s only natural for us to be curious about how the process takes place in other creatures.

In this book, Dr Bondar discusses a huge variety of mating methods from animals across the world – from the wooing to the woo-hooing, she covers it all.

This book was…surprisingly tasteful and a little on the bland side.

This book is chock full of crazy-interesting factoids and snippets of various animals and insects.

It was a bit much to cover THAT many species in one book, and after a while I got a little lost with what creatures we were talking about.

I would’ve preferred to learn about less creatures but more development to those sections rather than whipping through the creatures.

One nice thing to note that this was never terribly graphic or seemed gross.

I feel like this book could’ve gone a completely different direction but Dr Bondar gave this subject a clinician’s eye and treated the subject with detached curiosity – it was interesting to learn about mating calls and the surprisingly creative ways invertebrates procreate.

All in all, it was certainly a different type of book and I quite enjoyed reading it!

Interested in this one from Carin Bondar? Buy it here:  Amazon

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