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Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes – Karin Slaughter



The only reason my daughter has not come home is because someone is keeping her. Keeping her.”

Julia Carroll sees the news everywhere – young women go missing at a steady rate.

And she knows, statistically, it’s likely to happen again.

As it bothers her – the fact that no one is talking about what’s happening to all these pretty, blond haired, blue-eyed women.

It feels like someone is sweeping this under the rug.

She manages to convince her professor to let her write an article about it.. .but gets far more than she bargained for.

So. I get that this was 67 pages and it’s meant to be a short story…and a lot of short stories end on a brief note…

But it bugged me so much that there was build, build, build and then zip. Nothing. No payout.

It cut off right as the story picked up.

It felt frustrating and annoying. I wish it would’ve at least had a page or two epilogue. Ah well.

Interested in this one from Karin Slaughter? Buy it here:  Amazon

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