My Sister, the Serial Killer – Oyinkan Braithwaite



It’s because she is beautiful, you know. That’s all it is. They don’t really care about the rest of it. She gets a pass at life.

Ayoola, the beautiful, younger sister of Korede, calls her up on night for….what’s quickly becoming a disturbing trend.

It takes a whole lot longer to dispose of a body than to dispose of a soul, especially if you don’t want to leave any evidence of foul play.

Ayoola’s last three boyfriends have been…well…murdered by her own hand.

At first, Korede was inclined to side with her sister – that these men were intending to harm her, rape her or do far worse – but three times? In such quick succession?

Despite her misgivings, Korede loves her sister. And uses her skills (honed from long hours of cleaning up the hospital as a nurse) to dispose of the dead bodies.

And besides, if she reaches out to anyone, Korede just knows she would be blamed.

That’s how it has always been. Ayoola would break a glass, and I would receive the blame for giving her the drink.

But then one day, Ayoola shows up at Korede’s place of work and the doctor – the one that Korede has been crushing on for…forever – begins falling for her sister.

Suddenly Korede will have to decide – the doctor or her sister – and when she picks her side, the other one is doomed.

You can’t sit on the fence forever.


This went so much darker than I expected.

I couldn’t turn away – Ayoola’s casual murder-y-ness and Korede’s practical view of things was absolutely chilling (in the best way possible).

The only thing that threw me out of the book was there seemed to be a tendency to look at things at a surface level – everyone who was in the know was surprisingly cool with the murder-business.

I’m not expecting everyone to have a mental breakdown every few pages, but it felt like there should be SOMETHING by the way of reflection over the matter.

But overall – it was super good. Absolutely addictive and delightfully terrible.

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