The Devastations of Lust – LH Pritchard


★★★ ½

For all intents and purposes, I am Lust. If you have heard of the Deadly Sins, you’ll understand the concept.

In this world, the Seven Deadly Sins are personified by vampires and they “drink” the life-force of humans who are living the sins.

“Lust” has been miserable with her life for a long time. Like a lonnng time.

She’s tried washing her hands of it all but is always just pulled back. Again. And Again.

But when one of the Seven Deadly Sins goes missing, Lust soon realizes that there’s a threat out there far worse than she ever imagined.

Can she save them all? Can she even save herself?

This was an interesting little book.

Given the title, I definitely came in there with some preconceived notions but I was delighted to learn that those didn’t pan out – I love being surprised.

Lust as a main character was spunky and enjoyable to read. I loved watching her grow and develop over the book.

The plot was fresh and unexpected – and that ending completely threw me for a loop.

All in all, I did rather enjoy my time within these pages.

With thanks to LH Pritchard for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from LH Pritchard? Buy it here:  Amazon

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