Affinity’s Window – Douglas L. Wilson



Affinity’s gaze fell upon the hideous red eyes of the others.

Affinity may just be a little girl but she’s already had to deal with so much more than anyone would have expected.

Bell Manor, her home, is lonesomely empty…and yet full of the Others.

The glowing, spinning crimson light held her eyes. “We are otherworldly.”

The Others are the evil lurking in her house, and her only line of defense? A teddy named Mr. Moppet.

Meanwhile Tanner Dann has always wanted confirmation of the supernatural and when he heard of the Bell Manor, he just couldn’t resist investigating.

But quite quickly, he realizes that Bell Manor is completely out of his league. Will he get his evidence? Will he even get out alive?

she said softly, “Mommies aren’t the only ones that need punishing sometimes.”

Ooooo! This one was chilling.

I absolutely LOVED the way Wilson sets a scene. It’s all in the tiny details and imagery.

The way he’d slowly unveil one bit after another until it becomes absolutely spine-tingling – fantastic!

The narration of Affinity really helped immerse me into the book – her young perspective on life and childlike sense of morals brought the tension up tenfold.

She was a delightfully terrifying child and I loved her for it.

And I adored the perspective of Tanner and his two investigators – their naivety and dawning horror – just totally cinched this book for me!

All in all, I loved this book!

Huge thank you to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Douglas L. Wilson? Buy it here:  Amazon

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