Soul Shade – T. L. Branson


★★★★ ½

…I can’t dwell on it right now. I’ve got an excution to get to.

Maya Drygo, daughter of the King and resident evil overlord, is desperate to keep her kingdom together.

With the death of her father, she finds herself holding the reigns of a splintering kingdom and no matter what she does, it is just falling apart.

Will Summer, one of the very few who owns a soul stone, may have…totally caused her father’s death.

And while Maya objectively knew her father was a bad person (downright evil, to be honest), she still struggles to look at Will, knowing that he killed the king.

Meanwhile, there is another evil poisoning the land, and it is up to Will to stop it…but without Maya on his side, does he even stand a chance?

What’s the worst that can happen?

This was a surprisingly great sequel!

I loved the world building of the first one and jumping back into Soul Stone world was a breath of fresh air!

The pacing was go, go, go! Every chapter just upped the energy so much and I loved it!

I really enjoyed Will’s character this round, he’s grown so much since book 1!

I think Maya was a bit over-the-top with her distrust in Will, especially considering their history but it wasn’t enough to spoil my overall enjoyment.

And, of course, the humor of this book just absolutely got me. It’s seriously one of my favorite parts of the series!

I’m as serious as a beard on a goat.

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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