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Capital Gaines – Chip Gaines


★★★ ½

If there’s something stirring in you now, and you know what it is, do that. There’s no need to overthink it.

Before the fame and fortune, there was Chip Gaines seeking out one thrilling entrepreneurial adventure after another.

Whether it be a neighborhood laundromat or starting a landscaping business, he was ready for everything.

But, that didn’t mean he always had the golden touch.

God’s grace lasts as long as it is required. But when the grace and peace start to go, it’s a good time to evaluate if God is still in what you’re doing.

Despite the long nights and low profit margins, he still kept going.

He knew when to admit defeat when necessary, but he always, always had something else up his sleeve.

if you’re going to make a bet, bet on yourself.

This lovely little book takes you through some of Chip’s highs (and lows) before the Magnolia brand really took off.

All in all, this was an interesting book. And that title is brilliant!

The writing could have been stronger but it felt very authentic.

You could absolutely tell it was Chip who penned these word and I really appreciated that.

Chip is definitely an entertaining guy (I mean, who hasn’t watched Fixer Upper?) and it’s really nice to see his personality shine through this book.

I enjoyed getting a sneak peek at all the zany adventures he went on before he landed the TV show.

I read their other book (The Magnolia Story) and I definitely preferred that one, but overall – I did like this one as well!Interested in this one from Chip Gaines? Buy it here:  Amazon

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