Balance – M.J. Woods


★★★★ ½

I run not to escape, but to chase down demons, using darkness to see myself.

Alexis Greene is stunning – brilliant lawyer, firm morals and sassy to a fault.

She’s spent every waking hour clawing herself to the top of her career and she just spent a year negotiating with her client to close a development deal.

But then Mr. Handsome comes into town and ruins it all.

Aidan Pierce – Mr. Handsome – just wont stop stepping on Alexis’s toes.

He’s sweeping through her town, making changes and improvements and (worst of all) he snuck that big deal right out from under Alexis’s fingers.

Actually, scratch that, the actual worst of all is that he knows just how hot he is. It’s infuriating.

This playboy will not have this girl melting into a puddle.
I’m so above it.

But Alexis won’t let this pretty rich boy spoil everything she’s worked so much for.

She’s got more than a few tricks up her sleeves and Aidan better watch his back.

This was such a great book!

adored the peoplein this one.

Alexis was an absolutely FABULOUS main character. Smart and strong – every time she came into the chapter, I was grinning like no tomorrow.

Aidan definitely felt a little too strong and smug in the beginning for my taste (just too aware of the “affect he has on women”) but after a few chapters he grew on me.

I loved that they both dealt with “real” issues in this book – Alexis still felt the pain of being a widow and Aidan never fully recovered from his terrible childhood.

Watching them deal with their issues and grow from them really made this book feel real to me.

The cat-and-mouse game between Alexis and Aidan completely cinched the book for me. It was hilarious and brilliant and just so fun to read.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one!

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one? Buy it here:  Amazon

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