Crazy Stupid Bromance – Lyssa Kay Adams



Alexis Carlisle, owner of the cat café, ToeBeans, and longtime friend, Noah, have been circling each other for…pretty much forever.

Alexis shot to fame last year when she added her #metoo voice against a celebrity chef – and since then business has been booming.

Women from all over are coming in to share their stories, join in a safe-space yoga class and so on.

Alexis approaches one particularly forlorn woman and is hit with a surprise of a lifetime. Her dad is dying.

Thirty years without a father in her life, only to find out via one of his “real” children that he’s in need of a kidney.

Reeling from that emotional upheaval, Alexis is hit right and left from people wanting to close her cat café.

Meanwhile, Noah….after sitting by the sidelines for years, has decided that he cannot take it any longer. He has to give their relationship a shot.

But making that decision and actually going through with it? Two entirely different things.

Luckily, the Bromance Book Club is waiting in the wings – ready to help one of their members out.


I definitely liked this one WAAAAY more than book 2 but not as much as book 1.

I loved the easy-going push-and-pull from Alexis and Noah. They had such a natural relationship and it was fun to see them grow closer.

Annnd, most of the annoying parts from book 2 (*coughcough* LIV) were minimized (but seriously, I can’t be the only one who was sooo freaking frustrated with her by the third chapter.

I adored the Russian in this one – he was an absolute charmer and was always right there when the book needed a pick-me-up..

I’m really excited for book 4 – and I’m crossing my fingers for either the Russian’s story OR branching out to LGBTQ+. I think that would be so cool to read!

A huge thank you to Berkley Publishing, Netgalley and Lyssa for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Lyssa Kay Adams? Buy it here:  Amazon

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