Silent Shadows – Natalie Walters



Their future was defined by their roles.

Pecca Gallegos has finally found her new home – her son is safe from his father and she has a fulfilling career as a rehab nurse.

But her latest patient? He’s a piece of work.

Colton Crawford is an army veteran and has a (probable) psychosomatic disorder. All he wants to do is get better and leave but his restless spirit is causing problems for his recovery.

Praying was supposed to bring peace. Hope. Answers. As of yet, the only thing praying did was make him feel utterly forgotten.

Despite his prickly demeanor, Pecca finds herself drawn to Colton.

But just when she thinks she’s safe, they discover that someone is after Pecca and her son.

It’s up to Colton to keep them safe – but when he can’t even handle himself, how in the world is he supposed to protect someone else?

Pecca pressed her cheek to his chest and wrapped her arms around his back….wanting nothing more than for him to be right.

So I jumped in on the third book of the series but it was so fun that I want to swing back up to the first.

I loved the character of Colton – his pain and determination to overcome those issues was absolutely riveting.

Pecca was such a great mom in this book – her character felt so natural and likable – I was invested in her story from page 1.

And their relationship? It had that essential spark that instantly told me that they would be an absolutely fabulous couple.

I did enjoy the plot for the most part…though it did feel like it was reaching a time or two but it wasn’t overwhelmingly so.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book!

With thanks to the author and Baker Publishing for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Natalie Walters? Buy it here:  Amazon

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