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E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth’s Core! – William Joyce


I used the excess dirt to make a few more continents. Australia is my best work, I think…

North – along with a few friends – managed to drive the Nightmare King back to the shadows and all is peaceful on the battlefront…

But good things cannot last. The Nightmare King is plotting something far more devious than North could ever imagine – or handle.

He will have to recruit E. Aster Bunnymund – a Pooka, warrior and chocolate aficionado – in order to defeat the evil threatening their land.

But there is one problem. ..Bunnymund isn’t interested!

It’s going to take the whole gang’s entire creativity – and a little help from Nightlight (a boy who sounds suspiciously like Jack Frost) – to throw these shadows back into the caves.

Nightlight, who never slept and never dreamed, would keep nightmares, both imagined and real, away.

This series is so much fun! It’s very different from the movie but enjoyable nonetheless I am enjoying my time.

As a warning – everything happens VERY quick. As in, one minute we’re doing one thing and BOOM the magic’s lore jumps ahead three dimensions – but it’s not overwhelming (so far).

One thing’s for certain – this series keeps me on my toes!

The addition of Bunnymund provided an interesting dynamic (though, I confess, I prefer the movie version).

And I quite like Nightlight – I love characters who have a big impact despite being reserved and quiet.

I think the giant goose was a bit…well..much…but we’ll see how that changes things over time.

Interested in this one from William Joyce and Laura Geringer Bass? Buy it here:  Amazon?

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