Possession – Katie Lowe


Hannah’s husband was murdered…while she was in the house with him.

All of the fingers pointed towards her but she claimed memory loss.

Now (ten years later), she has a wonderful boyfriend, a strong/stable job as a psychiatrist and the real killer is behind bars (or so she thought).

Evie (Hannah’s daughter) and herself have settled into their new lives…that is until the latest season of Conviction comes out.

This mini series is responsible for absolving a man of guilt and finding the “real” killer And this year? It’s focusing on Hannah,

As each episode comes out, Hannah slowly watches her life crumble.

But did she do it? Or is the real killer still out there?

Overall, this book was okay.

I liked the mystery at the beginning (did she do it? or was it someone else) but it felt like it went on a bit long.

I think that’s because Hannah was a bit of a broken record. Every chapter or so, it felt like we were circling around the same topics.

The pacing felt a bit slow but the tension built fairly well. I liked the last 25% of it quite a bit…just took a while to get there!

And while the ending was good and definitely bumped the book up!

With thanks to Netgalley, St Martin’s Press and Katie Lowe for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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