The Silent Wife – Karin Slaughter


Whewww! This was my first full-length Karin Slaughter book and it did NOT disappoint.

This book takes place across two timelines.

There’s present-day Atlanta, Georgia – where we follow the police investigation of a woman who’s been brutally attacked.

The trail is cold but when Will Trent (the investigator) gets a call to the local prison, he realizes that there’s far more to the case than he ever expected.

There was a string of murders about 10ish years ago across cities that suddenly (and horrifically) begin to spell out a pattern.

Meanwhile, in the past, we follow Jeffery as he stumbles upon the original set of murders. Two victims, a short timespan and possible connections and far-reaching implications.

The more present-Will unravels this secret, the sicker it becomes.

Overall – I really enjoyed this book.

It did feel a little weird to jump in on this series at book 10 but at the same time there was enough background given that it wasn’t too much of a leap. (Though, the quick rundowns of all the relationship stuff did slightly make my head spin).

The mystery aspect of this book was fantastically done – I had absolutely no idea where the book was taking me but I was 110% there for it.

The way Slaughter set up all of those dominoes for this story – fantastic. The grand reveal – completely and utterly satisfying. Loved the tension and the build.

I was slightly thrown by the relationship dynamic between Sara and Will – it felt more like drama for drama’s sake but ultimately I was okay with how it played out.

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