Down World – Rebecca Phelps


It’s been four years but Marina O’Connell is still grieving the loss of her older brother.

Her new high school (East Township High) is on the grounds of an old military base and it hurts just a little every time she does something that her brother should have been by her side for.

While she may be “the new kid”, she isn’t blind. There’s graffiti all over the school about the “DW” or the “Down World” and…she doesn’t know what is up with it but it is weird.

Brady – the cute guy at her school – decides to help her out and brings her to the boiler room of the school.

There’s three doors.

One labeled Yesterday. One labeled Today. One labeled Tomorrow.

She opens all three.

Yesterday and Tomorrow are bricked over…but Today?

Today opens a door into another world and her brother is in it.

Whewwwww! This was a weird one but a good one.

The characters well well-fleshed-out and interesting. I really liked Marina and the side characters held their ground.

The development worked really well in this book – it really felt like the characters grew from where they started.

The plot overshadowed all else and there were a few times that my heart was racing. There were areas that were confusing to me but the book rounded it out well.

The ending fit really well for the story.

With thanks to Netgalley for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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