Down Comes the Night – Allison Saft


Niece of the Queen, Wren Southerland has always felt herself a burden.

Her parents are gone, her family is gone (except the Queen) so she realized pretty early on that she needed to make herself useful to gain any sort of recognition. And so she did.

Wren is the most talented healer but despite her power, she’s constantly being driven away from the Queen and from her career.

She’s too emotional – more likely to heal a prisoner than continue his capture. Her most recent incident (where she kinda-sorta is the reason that an important prisoner escaped) sends her back to the abbey, where she would likely be shut away forever.

But then, a letter arrives Colwick Hall. Lowry, a lord, is requesting her assistance with a diseased manservant. She (against her Queen’s wishes) (and against her best-friend-almost-girlfriend’s wishes) packs up her bags to go help.

But when she arrives, she realizes that Hal Cavendish is the servant. The same man whose murdered thousands of her people.

She’s trapped in the snowy mountains with a murderer…but soon realizes something even more sinister is just around the corner.

Overall thoughts: this was a deeply atmospheric book. It was gorgeously rich in details and imagery.

I liked Wren from the start and while she did get a little woe-is-me, she was overall a good main character.

I enjoyed the blossoming romance between Wren and her best-friend-almost-girlfirend but the author did cut the relationship short (but it made sense in the long run).

The relationship between Wren and Hal was really well done – I loved how Hal was so human despite the atrocities.

The plot felt unexpected and exciting. The last 25% – oooo! I was hooked. As each reveal was given, and more dimension provided to the evil….it was good. VERY good!

With thanks to Netgalley for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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