Black Widows – Cate Quinn


Everybody loved Blake. Except his wives.

Blake Nelson, found murdered by the creek bed.

He is survived by Mrs. Rachel Nelson. And Mrs. Emily Nelson. And Mrs. Tina Nelson.

That’s right – he was survived by all three of his wives.

The four of them live on an isolated homestead, and no one else is even aware of there being a home in that area.

“We’re sister-wives. Sealed together for eternity.”

Rachel – the first wife – is devout, obedient and has survived the horrors of the Prophet’s cult. She copes by suppressing memories but…did she suppress a murder?

Emily – young, frightened and coping in all the wrong ways – she’s reeling from this marriage…but was she unhinged enough to commit a murder?

Tina – street-smart, ex-prostitute and ex-junkie – she jumped into this marriage to keep herself on the straight-and-narrow…but what would she do for one…last…fix?

All three wives are the suspects and the book slowly unravels – bringing to light the question – which Mrs. Nelson committed the crime?

“I have to tell you, that story doesn’t exactly fit with what the other wives are saying.”

So, (obviously) this book tackles a lot of controversial topics – polygamy, abuse, cults, religious fanatics – and yet I was wholly addicted.

I couldn’t put it down.

I thought about it all day at work, I couldn’t sleep cause I NEEDED to know the end. It is absolutely gorgeous.

I love how the polygamy (which honestly, is a hugely contested topic) isn’t treated as a side-show scandal.

These women were really well-developed and they honestly love each other like sisters. The human-ness of this relationship is truly the star of the show.

I was rooting for them (even when I was completely unsure which was (or could’ve been) the murderer.

A huge thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark and Cate Quinn for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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