The Mystery of Mrs. Christie – Marie Benedict


But really, how dangerous could one dance be?

Agatha Christie was a young woman when she met, fell in love with and eventually married Archibald Christie. It was a whirlwind magical romance and Agatha was over the moon.

“You’ve got to marry me, Agatha. You simply must.”

And, at first, her marriage went along beautifully…but as the months go by, Archibald began acting more…and more…strange.

“What sort of story is it?” he asked.
“A murder mystery.”
“You?” He laughed again. “My sweet wife?”

He became obsessed with changing her into the perfect wife but the more she bends to his will, the less satisfied he becomes.

“In truth, the only time I felt like myself was when I was writing.”

Meanwhile, in “present” day (1926), the world is reeling. Agatha Christie – the up-and-coming mystery writer – has completely and utterly disappeared.

With the world’s eyes upon her husband, and Agatha no where to be found, people begin to wonder – could HE have done it?

How do you want this story to end?

Whew! What a story!!

This one is told in dual storylines (the past-Agatha, as she meets and marries her husband, and the “current”-Agatha era – where she’s mysteriously gone and her husband is left straggling).

I really enjoyed the slow unveiling of the mystery.

The setting was well done and it truly felt like I was transported into her world.

I do think Agatha took a bit too long to figure out that changing herself wasn’t going to bring herself happiness and a few times I wanted to gently shake her for it but it wasn’t terrible.

The only thing that threw me out was that the grand reveal just didn’t feel very grand – I was expecting this huge thing where I’m blown away but it ended up being more of “oh. So that was it.” opposed to a “ohmygod. that was AH-mazing.”

A huge thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark and Marie Benedict for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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