Red Hands – Christopher Golden


A lovely little family is enjoying the local Fourth of July Parade when the unthinkable happens.

A crazed man goes on a murder spree and what’s even crazier is that everyone he touches – dies. Like literally drops to the ground and dies.

Maeve watches her father get run down by the crazed man’s car and when he doesn’t stop, she takes a metal bat and takes him out.

Only, in that brief moment he hovered between life and death, she quickly becomes infected with whatever he had.

The bioweapon known as the “Red Hands” has escaped the laboratory and is currently attached to Maeve.

At first she’s horrified by accidently causing death…but now she craves it.

This was an interesting take on the “zombie” apocalypse.

I really enjoyed getting Maeve’s perspective for this one. The slow descent, the gentle rationings and the ultimate betrayal made it a compelling read.

I was a bit annoyed that no one seemed to get the importance of basic biosafety protocols but I am a bit biased (I work in a lab…so these things are second nature to me).

The plot itself felt a bit meandering but came together quite well in the end.

With thanks to Christopher Golden, Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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