Eat a Peach – David Chang


You never know who’s going to hold the keys to the castle.

David Chang burst out onto the culinary scene with Momofuku – a noodle restaurant located in Manhattan.

And after a decade and a half of grueling work, it’s safe to say that he’s “made” it. He owns 15 restaurants, has graced the television over and over, has his own podcast and has 1.2 million followers.

But how?

But for years, my best coping strategy has been work.

Eat a Peach is Chang’s memoir – from his childhood balancing a tiger mom and wild golf career to convincing his dad to loan him enough money for restaurant.

He speaks candidly about how his fixation with success has affected both his career and his home life.

The paradox for the workaholic is that rock bottom is the top of whatever profession they’re in.

And he speaks about what the fallout of that was.

But if you’ve fought depression or know somebody who has, you know that no amount of money can fix it. No amount of fame. No logic.

Overall, this was a lovely memoir.

I hadn’t heard of him prior to picking this one up but it was a rather interesting peek into the culinary world.

I loved how Chang spoke about his successes but also the failures – what business plans didn’t work and how he worked around that. It was refreshing to read about someone who speaks so candidly about failure.

I also really enjoyed that he pulled no punches when talking about what it takes to get to the top.

It honestly sounds like way more stress than what it’s worth and while I’m now 110% sure that I don’t even want to get anywhere NEAR the culinary profession – it was still cool to learn about his career path.

All in all, this was an interesting read!

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