Kill Creek – Scott Thomas


And as the hands of the clocks clicked to eight past one, the house awoke to the sudden and definite realization that now was the time.
It had waited long enough.
It was time to play.

The Kill Creek House is infamous – one of the most haunted locations in America.

Death and destruction go hand-in-hand at this house. But, it’s been empty for decades.

Sam McGarver, along with three other famous horror writers, have all agreed to be interviewed in this house of horrors.

They all could use a boost in their careers and while they may be writers in the horror genre, they certainly don’t believe it.

Until now.

Until that night.


This was a wild one.

I absolutely loved the concept of this one – the four authors were each so unique and realistic.

Reading about their personalities and the types of books they wrote really made me wish they were real.

The actual “scary” moments of the book didn’t get me in the way I hoped but I was definitely intrigued by the book throughout.

I was sooo curious about the mystery of the house that I devoted to figuring out all the details.

The ending was definitely the cherry on top!

With thanks to Scott Thomas and Inkshares Press for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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