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The Tropic of Serpents – Marie Brennan



I wanted only to study dragons, but first I had to get past the humans…

Three years ago, Lady Trent was finally granted the ability to study dragons in the field.

She had a wonderful set of adventures with her husband in Vystranna and made many discoveries to push the bounds of knowledge regarding dragons.

Just as her adventures came to a close, she loses her husband and gains a child.

Three years later, Lady Trent now feels well enough to resume her studies…but unfortunately, high society thinks differently.

Few question the widower’s decision, but everyone questions the widow’s

Heedless of everyone’s warnings, she sets off to the tropics – to study the draconian world – and what she finds will shock her to her very core.

Whew, book two of this series and I’m ecstatic.

I absolutely LOVE this premise – the way the world is built so much like our own (except for the addition of dragons) and I love Lady Trent (picture Jane Goodall but with fire-breathing beasts).

I do wish these books focused more on the dragons, and less on the politics.

But I think I feel like that purely because whenever I see “dragons” I get obsessed and just tune out everything else.

This book has a wonderfully fleshed out world – complete with cultures, countries and more – and I did have a bit of trouble remembering all of the languages, names and places when reading the book.

Though, when I listened to the audiobook, I found that most of those troubles went away (whew!).

I cannot wait for the next one!!
Interested in this one from Marie Brennan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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