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The Voyage of the Basilisk – Marie Brennan



Good manners warred with curiosity, and lost.

Freshly back from her journey to the Tropic of Serpents, Lady Trent finds herself tempted by a two-year trip around the world.

The reason? Dragons.

And while many a person would object to a lady (gasp) wanting to further the field of science (double gasp), Lady Trent refuses to back down.

I find that respectability grows wearisome after a time, when one is accustomed to being a disgrace.

This time, she brings her child on this rare and wondrous adventure.

While the scientific discoveries about dragons prove to be great, that only begins to scratch the surface of Lady Trent’s life.

I have never attempted to hide that I have had two husbands in my life. I have, however, neglected to mention that in between them, I had a wife.

The second book was a bit of a lull to me – it focused quite heavily on the politics and the struggle of being a woman scientist – but this one brought the energy back!

I loved being on the ship with Lady Trent and watching all the wild discoveries she made.

I’m really impressed by the way Brennan is able to breath life into an entire world of dragons – the way she creates so many species and subspecies of dragons – each perfectly adapted to their environment. It made the experience truly immersive and a joy to read.

I also really enjoyed Lady Trent’s personality. I always quite liked her, but now I’m able to see her growth from the last two books and I am loving the direction she’s going.

All in all, I’m ready for the next one!

Interested in this one from Marie Brennan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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