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Within the Sanctuary of Wings – Marie Brennan



“Oh, I am skeptical,” I assured him. “But also curious.”

Lady Trent, the world’s foremost dragon naturalist, is penning another book – one that hints at why she became so world-renowned.

But first, she needs to go on one last adventure.

My heart stuttered in its beat. Perhaps you think it was a foolish reaction

After being reunited with Suhail and back on the trails with Tom, Lady Trent is ready to make waves and discover some amazing dragonish things.

But when a freak accident leaves her stranded with the most unlikeliest of rescuerers, she will find herself reevaluating everything she’s ever known.

Writing the final volume of one’s memoirs is a very peculiar experience. This book does not chronicle the end of my life, as I am not dead…

Ahhhh, this was such a STUNNING ending – it truly was perfect.

I truly did not see that ending coming but I honestly could not imagine a better way to wrap up this series – I loved, loved, loved it.

I don’t even want to talk about it – I just want it to stay a surprise cause by-gosh, it was perfect (I know, I already said that but still…perfect).

I also LOVED the love in this book – the relationship with Lady Trent and Suhail was so natural and sweet.

It wasn’t a wild, passionate affair but a slow-and-steady burn (which is my favorite type of relationships).

All in all, this last book TRULY made this series worth every page.

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