Cairo’s First Halloween – Erica D. Allen


“I’ll create 31 costumes! One for every day in October!” she exclaimed.

It’s officially spooky season and Cairo’s mommy is so excited.

But…how could she choose just ONE costume?

So, she decides to make 31 costumes – so Cairo can celebrate every day in October!

On the first day of Halloween, Cairo’s mommy dressed him as a skunk, because he’s so stinking cute!

This story – in a nutshell – was 110% the cutest thing ever.

I loved seeing what new creative costume each day brought, and reading the little backstory behind it.

From a brave fireman to a bottle of hot sauce, Cairo certainly had a costume for every occasion!

I also loved the love – in just a few short words, you can tell so well how much Cairo’s mom loves him, and that truly made the book for me.

I absolutely LOVED seeing the creativity put into the illustrations – they were gorgeous.

Not only is each costume totally unique but also the expressions and body language of the characters really gave this picture book an extra edge.

All in all – this was an absolutely FABULOUS children’s book and I highly recommend it for the little Halloween fan in your life!

P.s. A really cool note – this book was based off of real life! There’s a picture at the end of the real baby-Cairo and a few of his adorable costumes!

A huge thank you to Erica D. Allen for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

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