Saving Sadie – Joal Derse Dauer & Elizabeth Ridley


Initial Reaction

Ohhh man. Like literally 50 pages in and I’ve teared up twice.

If I don’t end up a bawling mess, it will be a miracle.


Gorgeous book. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Review

Joal Dauer was dropping off blankets at her local dog shelter when something caught her eye.

There was this shepherd mix, Sadie, who was the new arrival at the shelter.

After a quick inquiry, Joal realizes that someone shot Sadie – once in the back and once in the head – and left her to die.

But Sadie did not die.

A good Samaritan brought Sadie to the right people and while her chances were slim, she was at least in a safe place.

But she wasn’t out of the woods. Sadie was paralyzed, incontinent and broken in so many ways.

Joal knew she wasn’t looking for another dog, but Sadie was looking for her.

Joal took Sadie home for the night – just to get her a checkup and provide her with some at-home care…and then that night turned into a week…the week into a month…and so on.

Joal had one goal – to make Sadie better. But was it what Sadie wanted? Was it what she needed?

It took only one, long look into Sadie’s eyes to realize that answer – Yes.

To be frank – this book is a-fcking-mazing. I loved it. I loved it so much.

The journey, the sweet puppers, the love. It was all there.

There’s so much heart and compassion conveyed through this book.

When Sadie finally opened up to Joal – it was heartwrenching and heartwarming.

I loved how honest Joal was about her thoughts and emotions throughout the book. And I loved the message of peace and acceptance.

All in all, this is a gorgeous book with so much to offer. Highly, highly recommended.

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