Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog – Michelle Lander Feinberg


He’s kind, and he’s gentle, loyal, and brave,
but simply confused about how dogs behave.”

This gorgeous little picture book follows an adorable giant of a dog…who thinks he’s people!

He wasn’t always like that though! Cooper was adopted from a shelter by a loving family.

Annnd, almost immediately, the five children begin treating him like he’s human.

He couldn’t be bothered with dog food or kibble
until we add steak sauce he won’t even nibble.

And now Cooper is convinced that he’s the 6th child of this wild and rambunctious family!

This book was absolutely adorable.

I have my own dog (Squamish), and I swear, he thinks he’s an only child. So many human gestures in the way he asks for belly rubbins or begs for human food (surprisingly, he loves peas!).

So, of course, I really enjoyed reading a book all about how a dog fits in with his human siblings.

I loved, loved, loved the little rhyming couplets – so few words but it completely conveyed the essence of Cooper.

The illustrations are absolutely make-or-break for most (if not all) picture books and the artist for this one was fantastic.

The family members were really entertaining to watch and the little gestures from Cooper really cinched it for me.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book!

With thanks to Michelle Lander Feinberg for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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