Heading Over the Hill – Judy Leigh


Dawnie and Billy are (quite frankly) ready to retire. They raised their children and have decided (at 70) that they’d like to start over new.

Which is what brings them to Barnstaple, by the sea (temporarily). They plan to rent a home until they find the perfect seaside cottage.

But as soon as they move in…there’s trouble.

Not all the neighbors like the look of a 200+ pound grizzled Harley biker and his “loudmouth” wigged wife.

Malcom and Gillian (next door neighbors) immediately know that those two are not to be trusted.

Despite the grumpy neighbor’s warnings and misgivings, the other neighbors on the block slowly get to know the couple and realize that their first impressions were likely misconceptions.

Lonely Vinnie and his elderly mother find friendship in a time where they both felt isolated.

The “feminists” (Audrey and Sylv…to elderly ladies who happen to live together…for…companionship as Malcolm steadily believes) find themselves feeling younger than ever when they go on day trips.

Ursula and her husband find themselves swept up in the excitement.

There’s only Malcolm and Gillian – and when Malcolm sees Gillian stepping outside of their carefully mapped lives….he’s going to do something about it.

I absolutely ADORED this one.

It was SO well written and SUCH a refreshing read.

I absolutely LOVED how much the characters were in love – I feel like so many books focus on finding or losing love.

It is so nice to read one where the characters are simply IN love – consistently throughout (and that the book’s plot/tension never jeopardizes that).

I loved the cast of side characters – the sweet elderly mother, her lost son, the “feminist” female neighbors.

They were all so memorable and entertaining.

I do think one of the character’s transformation at the end happened a little fast to be fully believable but other than that, the book was sooo good.

With thanks to Boldwood Books, Judy Leigh and Netgalley for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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