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My Squirrel Days – Ellie Kemper



Plans, schedules, and structure make me feel secure in a world that – let’s just say it – is going straight to hell.

Ellie Kemper – aka Erin Hannon on the Office and Kimmy from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – is best known for her amazing comedic timing and quirky characters.

She’s written a memoir of her Squirrel Days – aka that time when you are busy, busy, busy. Constantly running from place to place and doing thing after thing. Burning off the energy as quick as you can consume it.

I knew that I needed to quiet my mind; lucky for me, there is no place to quiet your mind like the northernmost edge of Manhattan’s Times Square.

We go into a bit about her childhood – from PG 13 movies to becoming a hockey addict – and then transition to her comedic career and eventually becoming a mother.

… Being a Mom is hard, but trying to remain rational while hungry is even harder.

So, for the most part I was entertained by this book, but not gripped.

Even when I was writing the summary above, I was struggling to find something to talk about…and I think that was (in general) my issue for this book.

Kemper’s life worked out really well – loving parents, fabulous college, easy(ish) slide into acting, etc – and honestly, good on her.

It is fabulous to have such a fantastically supportive family and steady life – it’s what everyone is going for.

BUT it doesn’t make a hugely entertaining book.

There wasn’t much of a personal struggle conveyed within these pages and while she had quite a few good jokes in it, I just never felt like I had to finish the book.

There never was a moment where I locked myself in the room and forbade everyone in the house from even knocking – just so I could finish the book.

So, overall, it was enjoyable but not likely one I’d be interested in returning to or recommending.

Interested in this one from Ellie Kemper? Buy it here:  Amazon

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