All the Stars and Teeth – Adalyn Grace


Amora Montara knows she’s her kingdom’s only hope as the next High Animancer (master of souls).

She’s been training all her life to wield Soul Magic – which allows her to control and destroy enemies of her country.

However, it is a fickle power. One where if it goes wrong, there are disastrous consequences.

On the very night she was supposed to demonstrate complete and utter mastery of Soul Magic…things go terribly wrong.

Amora is thrown into the dungeon and her only way of survival is to escape from her own kingdom.

Rumors abound about a new, destructive magic running rampart on her island-kingdom.

Only by reigning that in would she be able to prove her worthiness for the crown…but the question remains…will she survive long enough to destroy that magic? Or will her magic destroy her first?

Ultimately this one was an okay read for me.

I was interested by the magic and the world that was created.

I thought the secrets that Amora hunted were compelling and interesting.

But…the actual characters felt a bit bland to me.

Maybe my expectations were too high based on that gorgeous cover but I just didn’t feel the bookish obsession that I wanted.

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