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The Cracked Spine – Paige Shelton



I often say that we should only be judged on two things: if we’re kind, and if we read books.

Delaney made the change of a lifetime – she picked herself up from Kansas and plopped herself back down in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She was hired, sight unseen, to work at the Cracked Spine – a rare books shop and almost immediately the boss’s sister died.

And then a very rare book goes missing and the suspects keep piling up.

Delaney will have to rely on her sleuthing skills to find out the murderer – before it’s too late!

Ehhhh… it was too perfect (and not in a good way).

As with many cozy mysteries, we are thrown into many implausible situations and the believability comes into question right away.

Her cabbie just so happens to have the hookup to the cutest Scottish cottage in all the land? What are the odds? (Oh wait, it’s a cozy, so the odds are actually 100%).

The guy she bumps into is super-duper hot but has a slightly murderous undertones (which makes her question his motives).

There’s a batty old woman who will say what she wants when she wants. There’s a cute dog with a dignified name. Everyone is surprisingly unfazed by the murder after a chapter, etc, etc.

This one was entertaining at times, it just seemed to rely too heavily on cliches and coincidences.

Interested in this one from Paige Shelton? Buy it here:  Amazon

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