Revver the Speedway Squirrel – Sherri Dusky Rinker


Revver has spent his entire life in a tree – with his mom and siblings.

They spend all day learning how to build nests, searching for food and other squirrely-stuff. But Revver? He wants adventure!

There’s a racetrack that he can see from this treetop home and every spare moment Revver dreams of joining the drivers and speeding around the track.

Despite his mom’s warnings, Revver sneaks out to get a peek at the cool cars and…he gets swept up in the action!

Overall, this was a rather cute tale.

I liked the dynamic of the squirrel family – the siblings were fun to watch and I empathize so much with the mother as she tried to wrangle her family. I \enjoyed the way the author sprinkled in squirrel facts.

It was fun to watch Revver pursue his dream and get ever-closer to driving a race var.

I also liked that Revver failed a few times before getting things right. It’s nice to see a children’s storybook character have to work a bit to get things going.

All in all – this book was a success in my eyes!!

With thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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