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What the Animals Taught Me – Stephanie Marohn



The first to arrive was a horse…Pure white, with a long white mane and tail, she looked like a unicorn, minus the horn.

When Stephanie Marohn first moved to Sonoma County, California, she was a freelance writer and editor living in a rented home.

In exchange for a lower rent, she helped the homeowner take care of a few barn animals.

Slowly, but surely, more and more animals came into Marohn’s life…and well, once those animals came, she sure as heck wasn’t going to make them leave.

The vision of the Animal Messenger Sanctuary came to me fully formed that day. It was to be a safe haven where farm animals could live out their lives in peace and harmony…

And so, the animal sanctuary was born and her life was forever changed.

This is an extremely quick read but an enjoyable one.

This book is told through a series of short stories centering on one (or more) animals that Marohn eventually took in.

From horses to goats to donkeys to sheep, if someone needed a home, Marohn would find a way to give it.

I think the stories (for the most part) were snappy and well-paced.

I really enjoyed the personalities that all the animals had – especially the ornery donkey and the fawns. Those ones were really remarkable and memorable.

There were a few that borderlined cliche with the interpretations of the animal’s antics and sometimes things veered a bit into the preachy side.

All in all, I quite liked the book and was happy to have picked it up!

Interested in this one from Stephanie Marohn? Buy it here:  Amazon

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