He Started It – Samantha Downing


Beth, Portia and Eddie were the best of friends…okay…scratch that…they were as friendly as any trio of siblings (who don’t actually like each other) can be.

Their very, very wealthy grandfather just died and left behind a collective fortune that was ripe for the taking…but with one very, very large caveat hanging over their head – they have to go on a road trip together.

And not just any road trip...THE road trip. The one that the siblings went on years ago with their grandfather – the one where the…event…happened that very nearly ruined their lives forever.

Each sibling needs the money desperately and has agreed to go on the trip.

But soon they realized that this trip wouldn’t be as bad as it was the first round…oh no. It’s going to be so much worse.

Whew. Well. First of all, kudos to the author for making all of the characters so unlikeable that I literally didn’t know who to root for.

Cause gosh-dang…each of them was completely and utterly awful in their own way.

As far as the plot – I would say it started really good but then stagnated.

The concept was great in the beginning. I LOVED the slow-and-petty reveals from the book but then as the book kept going…I felt like the story was stalling.

It felt like I was trapped on the never-ending road trip with them and given they were all kinda awful, it didn’t buoy the mood at all.

The ending was a shocker to me but also not entirely in a good way. I was hoping for more from the characters but ended up getting less.

Ah well.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

One thought on “He Started It – Samantha Downing

  1. Not having anyone to root for is an immediate non-starter for me. It’s why I quit the Game of Thrones series after the third book, all the characters I could sympathize with had either died or been corrupted. Didn’t see a point in carrying on if I didn’t care about anyone in the story 🤷‍♂️


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