A Dream within a Dream – Mike Nappa & Melissa Kosci


A mysterious man named Dream stumbles into Trudi’s life.

She can tell right away that something is odd about him – from his fumbling ways to terror-stricken eyes – and soon she realizes that there’s so much more to this story.

There are people after Dream – and let’s just say that those folks aren’t friendly.

Dream has knowledge – that his enemies desperately want – but he doesn’t appear to know what they need.

Meanwhile Trudi also realizes that Samuel Hill is missing – and that he might just be tangled up in everything after all.

This was my first book of the Coffey & Hill books (though it was the third in the series) and as someone who is literally just jumping in blind…this was a satisfying read.

The plot was fast but enough context was given so that I could catch up on the essential knowledge from the first book.

I was really intrigued by the mystery provided in the story – and I definitely couldn’t predict what was happening (which was awesome).

I do think the story got kind of slow in the middle and it felt like there was a lot of back-and-forth from the plot which got a little low-energy for me.

But overall, I was entertained by this story and enjoyed most of it!

With thanks to Revell for sending this one my way.

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