His Name Was Wren – Rob Winters


Everyone knows about the mysterious events that happened one late night in 1944 in Hurstwick, England – but even decades later…no one can explain them.

Something (someone?) completely destroys part of a local church along with the surrounding forest. Some think it was downed plane, some think it is something far more sinister.

The only person who knows the truth is a young boy named George Moss but this is one secret he will take to the grave.

Seventy years later, another young boy (Max) moves to the town with his mom. And almost immediately he finds out about the town’s mysterious past…and a journal belonging to George Moss that seems to contain quite a few unbelievable secrets.

With his newfound friends (Ellie & Isaac), Max sets off to discover the truth… .but what happens when the truth discovers him?

Oh My Gosh. It is SO rare that I get such a fantastic book to read.

loved, loved, loved the plot for this one – it seems to be categorized as YA but honestly, it’s one of those books that feels like it fit in anywhere.

I feel like the author completely nailed both eras and the storyline that threaded them together couldn’t have been more perfect.

The characters were compelling and they felt so real. I feel like I could hold a conversation with any one of them.

And the otherworldly element to this story? Absolutely cinched it!

Highly, highly recommended!

(ps. I read the audiobook version and it was ah-maz-ing).

With thanks to the author for sending this amazing book my way!

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