How to Make a House a Home – Ariel Kaye


If there is an overarching story for a home, there’s also a narrative for each room.

This sweet and short guide focuses on how to make your home the homiest-home on the block!

It begins by talking about the flow of a house and why that is important (and essential) to create a welcoming atmosphere.

From there, it goes into color choice and lighting options (both of which are absolutely essential).

The book also covers texture, accents and space and rounds itself out with how to add those touches of warmth to a room.

As someone who is a somewhat new home-buyer, I enjoyed reading this book and picking out what I could do to change up my house.

The illustrations were wonderful and definitely kept my attention.

The advice was helpful for the most part… but as someone who isn’t in the design world, I did feel lost at times.

I think it is because author is speaking from a perspective of “understanding” – for example:

When I think of scale and proportion, I consider how the furniture or art pieces fit in the particular room, how they relate to one another, and how I feel in the spaces.

This moment (and others) felt very brief to me – I just wasn’t sure what it meant by thinking about how I feel and relating it to furniture proportions.

She does go in a bit more detail about slim vs wide profiles are good – but again, I felt like I needed more guidance.

Overall though, this did feel like a lovely little book and it was a fun, quick read!

With thanks to Clarkson Potter for sending this one my way

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