Well Met – Jen DeLuca


And someday, I wanted someone who would love me. Not for what I could do for them, but for who I was to them.

Emily has hit a crossroads.

She supported her boyfriend for years as he went for his law degree…only to be thrown aside now that he’s achieved his dreams.

She’s decided to relocate to Willow Creek to take care of her injured sister…but little does she know that even that comes with strings attached.

Corset strings, to be precise.

Emily’s niece wants to volunteer to work at the Renaissance Faire but she’s too young to do it without an adult.

So, with barely a backwards thought – Emily steps up and into a dress, it’s bar-wenching time.

“I didn’t choose the wench life. The wench life chose me.”

The Renaissance Faire is the treasure of the town – and no one guards as much as Simon (the leader).

Immediately the two of them clash. Her laissez faire attitude and his stick-in-the-mud one keeps them at each other’s throats.

But despite the tension, there’s sparks. Lots and lots of sparks.

“This good sir Knight here was showing me his most impressive weapon.”

Should she leave after the summer (like she’s always planned)? Or is there enough here to put down roots?

Oh my gosh. I adored this book.

There’s so much to love – the characters, the plot, the tension, the sexual tension, and more.

Emily was such an amazingly funny and hilariously witty main character. A sweetheart and a sass-bucket, all rolled into one.

Simon was a perfect pirate/dastardly swordsman (and nervous nelly).

The two of them balanced so well and the banter between them was perfect!

And the setting! Oh my gosh the setting! I loved every page – it brought back so many wonderful memories and made me so jealous.

If you are feeling reminiscent of the Renaissance Faire but don’t want to risk the literal plague – then this book is for you.

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