The Black Flamingo – Dean Atta


The Written Review

“You are a full human being. It’s never as simple as being half and half.”

This was a stunning book!

We follow Michael as he grows from a child to a teenager to a young adult. We are right with him when he takes his first tentative steps towards adulthood and finding his identity.

This book is a fairy tale in which I am the prince and the princess.
I am the king and the queen.

This was one of my very first verse novels and I don’t think I got the full effect by listening to the audiobook.

I could tell that the sentence structure was different from a regular novel but I think I would have had more of an impact if I had read it (especially considering the regular book apparently had a pictures and other visual formats to enhance the story).

I did really enjoy this book though – Michael’s story was compelling and beautifully told. I loved watching him grow and develop throughout.

The story was well-crafted – it covered so many years and never skipped the beat.

I loved the representation and the wonderful characters that the story surrounds. Michael’s family and his family of choice were both fabulous.

And the ending was fantastic!

All in all, I would recommend it.

“I come from stories, myths, legends and folk tales”

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