Little Do We Know – Tamara Ireland Stone


The Written Review

“It’s about being alive. About noticing all the little things, because no one ever knows if it’s the last time they’ll see them.”

Everyone knows that Hannah and Emory are best friends for…literally ever. But no one knows what made them stop halfway through senior year.

Luke, Emory’s boyfriend, knows that she’s dying to reconnect. And Hannah’s friends know the same.

But it’s been over three months and the girls barely stand being in the same room.

“I think the world would be a better place if people stopped every once in a while and questioned everything they thought they knew.”

But then, everything begins spiraling. Luke almost dies and is rescued by Hannah. He begins to turn to Hannah for support and Emory just wants life to return to normal.

It reminded me of our summer plans. Our road trip. Our pact not to think about the end so we wouldn’t miss out on the present.

And below all of that, is The Secret.

The big one.

The one so huge that it ruined a friendship.

And it’s is dying to get out.

I think this one worked pretty well.

The characters felt fully realized and while I didn’t always agree with their actions, they definitely felt real to me.

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