Schism – Michael Phillip Cash

Just published my November Reading vlog!

The Written Review


Prince V’sair has spent his life sheltered within his family’s home and while those years were spent learning, training and doing his best to become a fit rule for his people…he also knows that most of his people look at him with derision and hatred.

Planet Darracia is home to a strong and proud people – one that places heritage above almost all else.

And they didn’t take too kindly to their King hopping a planet over to find a bride from Planta.

The people of Planta and Darracia have never gotten along, and now that the crowned prince is half of each…the two worlds are on brink of war.

V’sair must find a way to unite his people before his conniving uncle tears the worlds apart, permanently.

I don’t know what I expected going into this story but this gorgeous story just took me for a complete surprise.

I just love it when a book sweeps you off your feet and Schism certainly did that. I never had any idea where the plot was going and that’s what made it perfect for me.

V’sair’s character – internal doubts, and struggles – really made him feel real to me. I enjoyed watching him acknowledge and then try to overcome his limitations.

I also really liked the setting of this book – the little alien tidbits were fascinating and really rounded out the story!

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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