Fable – Adrienne Young


Fable has spent the last four years of her life trying to get off of the horrible trap on an island she was stranded on.

Stranded by her own father.

She’s weathered storms, thieves and starvation until she finally saved up enough for passage off of the island.

But then, just when she feels like she can finally take a breath, the real adventure starts.

I know…don’t judge a book by the cover but have you all SEEN THIS GORGEOUSNESS????

First time in a long time that I didn’t even read the description. I just bought it. And wow. I’m glad I did.

I loved the world that Adrienne created – so wonderfully fleshed out and perfectly visualized. I loved the little bits of imagery she wove in and out along with the sprinkling of magic.

Fable was such a neat main character and I loved watching the world through her eyes. She had such an unique outlook and life.

And the plot! Oh! It was fabulous. So many layers and exciting events.

Definitely a book I’d recommend!!

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