The Gazebo – A.C. Zito


Ron Lampson was a fairly ordinary kid – pretty normal home life and while he had a pet bird, it wasn’t THAT unusual of a quirk.

That is…until the bird led him to a mysterious and magical gazebo. And then Ron finds out his pet bird wasn’t the simple animal he assumed.

Ron is given a choice – to enter into one of the three doors in the gazebo – and (slightly puzzled), Ron agrees.

And when he steps into the doorway…a whole different world awaits.

Overall, I quite liked this story!

I’m not normally the BIGGEST fan of historical fiction BUT I’ve learned that I like historical books with a twist on them…like time travel for instance.

So, I definitely enjoyed the concept of this one – and the plot arc felt interesting to watch.

I definitely couldn’t have predicted where this story would go…and that’s something that I always enjoy in a book.

I do feel that Ron’s character was a tad bit too…precocious given the circumstances and that things were a bit too easy for him (it’s mostly the dialogue that made me reach those conclusions) but other than that, this was a solid start to a series.

I’m really intrigued to see what happens next!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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