Reaching for Achlys – Mindy R. Stein


An evil king. A desperate city. And old man.

Achlys was once a prosperous town but thanks due the reign of their king, their home has become worse and worse.

Across the continent there’s an old man who remembers surprisingly little.

He receives and odd message – despite his age and lack of memory, he decides to head out and go back to the town.

Along the way he meets a motley group and together they set off to change the future.

So this one ended up being a rather fun middle grade read.

I feel like the plot felt a bit fast-paced – lots of characters and events happening – but at the same time, I enjoyed it.

Something different was happening all the time and that really drew me into the story.

I loved Akalina – she was the standout character for me and every time she came into a scene – I loved it!!

One really neat thing about this story is that it’s illustrated by the author. I absolutely adored the illustrations – they were so much fun to see and breathed life into the story.

All in all – this was a great book!

With thanks to the author for sending a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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