Send a Girl! – Jessica M. Rinker


Brenda Berkman was always a bit of a tom boy when she was growing up.

Even though some people said she couldn’t do things because she was a girl (like play sports), that never stopped her!

When Brenda grew up, she decided that she wanted to be a firefighter. It was an exciting job – lots of action, adventure AND she could save people’s lives.

Only one tiny problem…the fire department had no girls.

But Brenda never let that stop her – she signed right up!! And even though she had to fight against the system and other biases of people – she never let that stop her!

Overall – this was a fabulous children’s book. I loved learning about Brenda’s life and the various challenges she overcame.

I really appreciate that the book didn’t sugar-coat the problems that women like Brenda faced when they tried to break into a male-dominated field.

I feel like this book did a great job of showing Brenda breaking down the barriers that women faced in an easy-to-understand way.

The illustrations for this book were fabulous and truly gave it that extra sparkle.

All in all – I adored this one!

With thanks to Bloomsbury for sending this one my way!!

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