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Beware the Kitten Holy – Noelle Stevenson


I solemnly swear to do my best
Every day, And in all that I do

So, from what I can tell…the Lumberjanes are like super hardcore Girl Scouts on the set of a Supernatural summer camp.

I loved this idea and there were definitely bits that I liked – in particular, I adored the all of the main characters.

They each were so different – from personality to body type – and they were all so supportive and unique.

I liked how they banded together and how each of them had a different skill set that was useful on those various adventures.

I also really enjoyed the lore that was mixed in – all of the weird happenings and supernatural creatures really clicked with me.

And yet, despite loving so much of it…it just didn’t click.

There were so many paranormal things that I had a hard time keeping track of the lore of this world. In addition, the magic and creatures used in this book just didn’t feel cohesive.

It felt like….as soon as I got used to one thing, we turn the corner and run into a three-eyed fox or a yeti.

The girls are constantly acting and reacting to these things like pros and they deal with everything relatively quickly – which left me reeling.

Also, we aren’t really given an explanation for this – the wild creatures, their casual attitudes to everything else, etc.

It just…happens…and is there. But why and how? No idea.

Perhaps it’s better explained later on in the series, but spending the entire first volume confused wasn’t ideal for me. I honestly don’t know if I’d go back to finish this series.

And to make the world a better place
For Lumberjane scouts
And for everyone else.

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