Nickle Brickle’Bee – Sterling Nixon


Young Nickle spent most of his childhood bouncing around in foster homes…however a chance encounter and a particularly green thumb sends him on a path he never would’ve expected.

Nickle discovers he’s a dwarf in the sense that he has dwarvian magic. And from there he begins his adventure.

School, training and eventual graduation – he’s ready to go out and prove himself to the world…but then he realizes that he might not be all-dwarf. That there might just be a different type of magic within him too.

I quite liked this story!

I listened to the audiobook and it was FABULOUS. I loved the narrator’s voice and the way he conveyed the tone, excitement and so much more in the book.

The concept of this story was unique – we passed through so much time (years!) with Nickle but it worked really well.

I enjoyed the adventures shown and the various characters introduced – especially the kinda-sorta-maybe love interest!

The plot was definitely a wild ride and while I never knew where it was going, I was really excited to find out.

I definitely recommend this one!!

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