Tea with Jane Austen – Pen Vogler


Long story short, this is YET ANOTHER literary cookbook for my collection and I’m no where near stopping. Bury me in my books for all I care.

This is a gorgeous little hardcover about tea-themed recipes from Jane Austen’s era.

Many of them were taken directly from her letters or books, and then modernized slightly (after all, the cooking methods of her time are a littttttle different from those available in the 2000s).

There’s a lot of little cakes and buns and delicacies to go along with meals or to be eaten as snacks. I loved the full-color pictures of the dishes – very aesthetically pleasing with the way it was laid out!

I do wish there was a bit more recipes to the book – it’s a handy little pocketbook but I would’ve wanted more in terms of depth and breadth.

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