Fictitious Dishes – Dinah Fried


So, on the one hand this book is gorgeous.

Dina Fried began the book as actually a school project – photographing famous dishes from fiction (like Moby Dick’s clam chowder, or roasted potatoes from the Secret Garden).

Each dish is beautifully photographed with aesthetically pleasing dishes, backgrounds and linens – all trying to be accurate to the story.

The photos are accompanied with grounding text from the book and a few comments from the author regarding where the inspiration came from.

The only thing missing? THE RECIPES!!

The author did an amazing job of creating all of these wonderful interpretations of the great literary works but now all I want to do is be able to recreate what she did at my home.

Instead, I’m stuck googling 1850s-era clam chowder recipes in hopes of finding one where the finished product resembles the Fictitious Dishes Moby Dick picture.

I feel like this book could’ve gone down as one of the most amazing and in-depth literary cookbooks out there but alas…not a single recipe.

One thought on “Fictitious Dishes – Dinah Fried

  1. Wow! Deliciously fresh concept. Sounds so close to perfection but like a fallen soufflé, the oven was opened before it was finished! Great review, Miranda!!! (The author’s name is priceless, although Dina Baked would’ve been healthier ;)…couldn’t help myself!)


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