The Unofficial Hogwarts for the Holidays Cookbook – Rita Mock-Pike


Oh look! It’s Miranda Reads squirreling away yet another literary themed cookbook…how has her house not collapsed under the weight of all those books?

On a side note, I’ve discovered once your collection of books grows large enough…people don’t really notice when you add one or two more in per week (ha).

As far as this book goes – I would say it’s a solid Harry Potter themed cookbook.

Unlike the other cookbooks I’ve seen for Harry Potter, this one has a distinct Holiday twist.

The author goes through all of the major events in the book – from the Feasts to the Yule Ball to the disastrous Valentine’s Date with Cho – and finds recipes to go along with them.

I loved the variety of recipes and the gorgeous full-color pictures that accompany nearly all of them.

I do wish that there were more recipes included in this book.

I realize that the author was probably limited by how many dishes were mentioned but at the same time, I would’ve been fine with the author including a few other holiday-appropriate recipes for Harry’s time and location (1980-90s England).

I also wish that the recipes used in this book were a bit more grounded. While I can easily recognize the dishes from the Valentine’s dates, some of the more obscure ones were harder for me to place. A few more sentences to provide context would’ve been helpful!

But overall, I did really enjoy this book and I am really excited to see what the author writes next.

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